What courses bring – together instead of alone: ​​away from the cigarette


20 percent of Austrians regularly reach for the fagot. In Tyrol alone, there are a total of about 120,000 women and men. Many want to quit. But that’s not easy. The success rate is significantly higher in a team. Why this is so and what helps on the way out of addiction.

Honestly! The New Year’s resolution to quit smoking won’t survive January for many. “Never mind. Look ahead and try again,” is the message from Raphaela Banzer. The clinical psychologist works for Addiction Assistance Tyrol and gives smoke-free courses. These are offered alternately in all regions and cost participants thanks to the collaboration with the Austrian health insurance fund (ÖGK ) and the Civil Servants Fund (BVAEB) only a small deductible.

Source: Krone


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