Legal authorities warn – scammers pose as court employees


Justice warns against scammers who pose as court employees on the phone. The criminals manipulate their own telephones so that a court’s telephone number appears as the telephone number.

Then the scammers claim that a court is calling and demand payment or ask for bank account numbers or similar information. Real courts, prosecutors or other judicial authorities will “never” demand payment by phone, it warned on Wednesday.

Those called should not allow themselves to be put under pressure by these calls. If money is requested over the phone, the call should end immediately. If necessary, make a note of the number on which you are being called.

Do not disclose any information under any circumstances
Under no circumstances should you accept payments, regardless of the amount, and you should not disclose any personal information such as your date of birth or even bank details. In all previous cases, the phone calls were fake, the Vienna Higher Regional Court stressed. So far, the scammers have not been found. Presumably they operate from abroad or use mobile phones that are not registered.

Ministry of Finance warns about refund emails
The Ministry of Finance also warned on Wednesday that internet fraudsters would try to get their hands on citizens’ personal data using false e-mails. The fraudulent emails with the subject “Your Refund” or “New Message” contain the information that the recipients will receive a refund of EUR 578.99 or EUR 286.93 and must therefore disclose their personal details.

If you have received such a phishing email or an email with similar content, there is a good chance that it is an attempted internet fraud. Under no circumstances should you follow the instructions therein and click on any links or files contained therein. Under no circumstances should personal information such as passwords, credit card information or account information be disclosed.

Source: Krone


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