Defamation trial – Wiener continues to be raped by politicians


Two young men accused a representative of raping and sexually assaulting them. But the tide turned and they ended up in the dock themselves. One was acquitted on Wednesday.

One of the two defendants remained frozen in a turned-away position. He couldn’t look at his former closest confidante or his lawyer. The descriptions of those involved and witnesses provide a deep insight into their private lives. And in her sex life. Unusual, especially since some of them are politically active people. In the middle a Viennese local politician (ÖVP).

Incidents allegedly occurred in 2017
A young party member and another man accused the MP of rape and sexual abuse. In 2021, they independently testified to the police. These incidents are said to have taken place in 2017. But the tide turned.

Investigations against the mandatary stopped
The investigation into the politician was dropped, but the duo were charged with “false testimony” and “defamation”. In court, the men stuck to their version. It was statement against statement. Finally, the judge acquitted the first defendant in doubt, not legally binding: “I am not hereby stating that this sexual harassment was involved. But I cannot rule it out based on the available evidence,” says Mr. Rat.

A psychiatric report is prepared
The trial of the second defendant, who accuses the politician of raping him after administering knockout drops, has been postponed. An expert is called in for the psychiatric examination.

Source: Krone


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