Trial in Innsbruck – sexual assault: professional ban for music teachers


A music teacher in Innsbruck had to appear in court for sexually assaulting schoolgirls, abusing a position of authority and possessing child pornography. But did he really grab a girl up her skirt? In any case, the 40-year-old is no longer allowed to teach.

“I made a mistake,” said the teacher sheepishly, admitting to asking an underage student to masturbate via chat. He also asked her to finance the consumption of cannabis.

At the moment everyone is talking about what the pedagogue is accused of in the Innsbruck court: possession of child abuse images. The Florian Teichtmeister case recently drew the attention of the judiciary and politicians to the low sentences for the crime.

And this time too, the scandal occurred in the cultural scene: the former director of a well-known Innsbruck ensemble not only had revealing photos of girls on his PC, but also grabbed the skirts and buttocks of students. “I can only explain this accusation by the fact that it seeks attention,” the suspect said of the assaults.

But one thing he sheepishly admits: he asked an underage schoolgirl to masturbate over a chat. “I have made a mistake.”

Barely missed jail time
Judge Thomas Wallnöfer issued a professional ban for working with minors. In addition: a non-legally binding four-month conditional detention and a fine of 1440 euros for the early music teacher.

Source: Krone


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