Reader’s echo – ÖBB: “punctuality top, comfort flop!”


After we reported on what a nurse experienced on his journey with the Nightjet, many “Krone” readers also came forward to tell us about their experiences.

In an international comparison, the Österreichische Bundesbahnen lead the way and score above all with their punctuality. In 2021 it was 97 percent – a number other countries can only dream of. But when it comes to driving comfort and customer service, our readers’ experiences are certainly different.

Raffael Biro took the Nightjet especially in the evening from Vienna to Feldkirch to arrive rested in Vorarlberg the next morning. But a couchette car instead of the booked night car, faulty toilets and non-functioning heating made the journey difficult.

Wrong seat
The problem with the chair also knows readers Which. On his journey from Vienna to Zurich, he has often been given a seat instead of the sleeping car he had booked.

Broken toilets
Our readers can also sing a song about faulty toilets in trains. Just like Raffael B. also made Heza8, Delphin07 and Bergee11 negative experiences with the sanitation facilities in our federal railways.

Too cold in winter, too hot in summer
While Raffael B. complains about a malfunctioning heating system, the “Krone” reader tells Night 1960, as she once drove from Schladming to Vienna in the middle of summer at 35 degrees when the air conditioning suddenly broke down. There was no compensation or refund for this.

Not everything is bad about train travel
But there were also a number of positive voices on our forum, who spoke out in favor of the ÖBB. So pay attention xmanfred22 for example, that technical problems can occur anywhere and that ÖBB offers compensation in most cases. reader Remarkable emphasizes once again the punctuality of our trains in his comments.

Do you regularly take the train? Tell us about your experiences! Whether it’s punctuality, comfort or ticket prices – what do you value most when traveling by train? We look forward to your comments!

Source: Krone


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