Corona on the rise – prognosis: End possible if hospitals shrink


The number of new corona infections is increasing again among young people – this also means an end to the declining trend among hospital patients. However, in Wednesday’s update, the Covid forecast consortium assumed numbers in normal and intensive care units would remain “roughly the same” over the next two weeks. But both slight increases and decreases are possible, it said on the day the government announced the end of all corona measures on June 30.

According to the Epidemiological Reporting System (EMS), there is already a plus in the positive tests. Especially among the younger age groups, the number of reported cases has increased by more than 50 percent in the past two weeks. The increase in the age group from five to 14 year olds is especially noticeable, as explained by the model calculators of the Vienna University of Technology, MedUni Vienna and Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG). With the usual delay, wastewater monitoring data also currently indicate an end to the drop in contamination.

Fewer tests, but registered cases are increasing
After an upward trend since mid-November, a drop in the number of new infections was observed from the end of December, according to the AGES homepage. The number of registered Covid 19 cases has been rising again for two weeks, although fewer tests are still being carried out than before Christmas 2022, it was stressed.

Since the beginning of January, the number of cases in normal wards has fallen again and has now reached a plateau. According to AGES, the last time the number of hospital admissions was as low as it is now was in June 2022. On Tuesday, 594 corona-infected people were in a regular care unit and 39 seriously ill with Covid required intensive care.

Source: Krone


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