“We have something…” – 80 years after Stalingrad: Putin threatens Germany


80 years after the Red Army defeated the German Wehrmacht in the Battle of Stalingrad, Vladimir Putin spoke harsh words to Germany. As in World War II, the 70-year-old criticized that German weapons were once again used to fight Russia on Ukrainian territory. Russia will defend itself this time as it did against German troops, Putin said, referring to the war against Ukraine, which he himself started almost a year ago: “We have something to answer with,” the Kremlin chief insisted.

Putin accused Germany of getting drawn into another war with Russia. “It is unbelievable, but it is a fact: we are again threatened by the German Leopard tank,” Putin said at a ceremony in Volgograd, Stalingrad, on Thursday.

“The case is not solved with the use of armored technology”
Putin stressed that the West would fight back. “And the application of armored technology does not complete the matter. Everyone should understand that,” said the nuclear power plant’s chief.

Comparison with Hitler Germany
Putin made his first public statement since Germany’s decision to supply tanks to Ukraine. He accused the “collective West” of pursuing anti-Russian policies similar to those under Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. “Now we unfortunately see the ideology of Nazism in a modern face, in its modern expression it again poses a threat to the security of our country,” Putin claimed. Germany emphasizes that it is not or does not want to become a war party.

Critics have repeatedly accused Putin of using the days of remembrance, sacred to many Russians, to commemorate the Soviet Union’s victory over Hitler’s Germany in World War II for its propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine. He started the war against Ukraine on February 24.

Putin is waging war against democracy, separation of powers and human rights
For the Russians, Stalingrad stands for victory over fascism – in Germany, on the other hand, for a criminal war of aggression that must never happen again. For decades, it was believed in Germany that no other European state could plan to conquer other countries in order to expand its own rule and deny other nations the right to exist.

Even after Putin’s attack on Crimea, no one wanted to admit it. Putin is now preaching that one mustEliminate Nazism in a modern guise” because it is a threat to Russia. However, the “dangers” that the Kremlin boss wants to remove are actually called democracy, separation of powers and human rights. And these are not threats to the Russian people, but to the Putin dictatorship.

Russia occupies about 18% of Ukraine
To date, Russia occupies about 18 percent of Ukraine. With missile and drone attacks, Russia has also recently deliberately destroyed energy infrastructure in Ukraine to plunge the country into darkness and cold. Again and again, simple houses are hit, causing many civilians to die as a result of Putin’s war.

Putin also visited a memorial to the defenders of Stalingrad in 1941-1943 on Thursday.

On the occasion of the anniversary, some place name signs in Volgograd were switched and the city was temporarily renamed Stalingrad. A bust of Stalin was also unveiled in memory of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) who led the country to victory at the time.

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