Second case known – children abused – parents call in outside help


After the case at a primary school, a case of abuse at a secondary school has now become known. Criticize parents: “Responsible representatives have looked the other way”. Now the police are investigating.

As reported, girls and boys at a Carinthian primary school were abused, threatened and hurt by classmates with “behavioral problems” for months. The director and the education department would have been aware of the terrible incidents. “And they didn’t do anything!” says a concerned mother. What the parents don’t understand: “That in this case everyone looks the other way and neither the education department nor the politicians comment. This is about children!” Now the police are investigating the former director.

Second case of abuse known
But that’s not the only case of abuse that detectives are currently investigating: a girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by boys at a high school. After a corresponding notification in January, the surveys are still ongoing here.

The representatives of the national association of parents’ associations are sounding the alarm: “It is five past twelve! To prevent such a thing, we need an external ombudsman that teachers, students and parents can turn to. An external party, not the school council itself, must take the lead. take matters into your own hands and react quickly!”

Source: Krone


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