Snow pole murder – psychiatric bed instead of cell after bloody deed in the forest


The autopsy result confirms the confession of the suspect (18) after the murder of a woman in Upper Austria. The perpetrator and victim have only known each other for a short time. An expert opinion must now clarify the guilt.

Samuel Z. (18) has fully confessed to the murder of his girlfriend Stefanie R. (19) in Bad Leonfelden. And the preliminary result of the autopsy confirms his version: “There are kicks, punches and stabs with the snow pole,” says Ulrike Breiteneder of the Linz public prosecutor’s office.

Long-term illness due to schizophrenia
Since the 18-year-old from Mühlviertler had been diagnosed with schizophrenia for some time and was therefore permanently ill, a psychiatric report was ordered. “This also determines whether admission to an institution for psychologically deviant offenders is an option,” says Breiteneder. With regular charges, Samuel Z. as a young adult faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The suspect, who is presumed innocent despite the confession, was transferred from the cell at Perg police station to the forensic psychiatric ward on Monday.

His motive for the crime:
Z. freaked out because he had lost money in the casino in the Czech Republic and on his way home after an amorous stopover in the woods just across the border, he wanted to go back and win back the money. But Stefanie R., whom he had only known for two or three weeks, would not lend him any money. A fight ensued in the car, which moved outward, where the snow pole was within reach.

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