New police strategy – Assignment: ‘Let stick where they don’t get in the way’


The police are adjusting their strategy when tackling disruptive actions by climate stickers. The activists should just keep pecking at the future, they think. Unless they absolutely need to be “liberated”…

According to information from the “Krone”, the background to this are complaints from the climate protectors themselves, who have been known to paralyze the roads in the Austrian provincial capitals for months. According to the police, the police are either too harsh or the activists are released too late or not at all, it is said. “4 civilians who climbed a toll bridge over the southeastern tangent this morning and got stuck there” would “still emerge above the raging traffic,” it was said as late as Monday afternoon.

‘Wilfried Engel is still imprisoned’
In its most recent broadcast, the Last Generation AT writes, among other things, that one of its activists initially had “bloody hands when unplugging”. Some of their comrades-in-arms would then have been able to “free themselves after a few hours”. Only: “Wilfried Engel (62) is still stuck – for safety reasons, the use of solvents would require at least a partial closure of the southeastern tangent, which obviously cannot happen due to the impact on traffic,” it said in a press release .

The new orders on behalf of Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) followed promptly. On Monday afternoon, the Ministry of the Interior said that from now on, the activists “must choose where they do not hinder anything”.

So far, most actions have taken place on protected roads or at critical traffic points in order to generate as much delay or attention as possible, especially in early traffic. Nothing changes with the new police strategy. In the future, however, the last generation will think twice about actions on toll bridges and the like that do not directly lead to traffic obstructions.

Source: Krone


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