Putin’s speech was boring enough to fall asleep


Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation in a speech on Tuesday. While he accused the West, among other things, that its elites were “crazy” and that children should be protected from them, people in the center of Moscow yawned eagerly – and some “audiences” even fell asleep.

The long-awaited speech at Gostiny Dvor in Moscow was probably not as brilliant as the Kremlin had hoped. The Russian head of state took the pompous stage, the audience included the Russian chambers of parliament and numerous military commanders. While Putin was busy pouring out his hate speech against the West, even the country’s political cream of the crop was unimpressed.

Putin’s speech lasted an hour and 45 minutes. We now reveal several recordings, it seems to have worked like a sleeping pill on some.

And when the Russian national anthem boomed from the loudspeakers at the end, many didn’t want to sing along – and instead sat there with petrified mines.

The open-air broadcasts on the streets of Moscow and in the Moscow region were anything but overcrowded.

Was the complex technical installation a bad investment at this time?

But as the Russian proverb says: “You cannot understand Russia with your mind.”

Source: Krone


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