Despite withdrawal of the treaty – Moscow: stick to the limitation of the nuclear arsenal


Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the suspension of the latest nuclear disarmament agreement with the US, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow insists that the agreement will continue to meet the nuclear arsenal limit. So there is no complete retreat, is there?

“Russia intends to maintain a responsible approach and will strictly adhere to quantitative limits on strategic offensive weapons throughout the term of the treaty,” the Russian foreign ministry said on Tuesday evening. The treaty is actually valid until 2026. Putin said in his State of the Union address that morning that Russia is suspending its participation in the New Start treaty. He called on Russian authorities to be ready for nuclear weapons tests if Washington conducted such tests first.

The Russian leader said no one should entertain the “illusion” that the global strategic balance can be violated. In his speech, Putin had previously accused the West of wanting to “get rid of Russia once and for all”. He held the West “fully” responsible for the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

Reduction of nuclear explosive buttons and controls
With the New Start Treaty, Washington and Moscow committed to reducing their warheads to a maximum of 1,550 each and limiting their launch vehicles and heavy bombers to a maximum of 800. Mutual inspections of nuclear arsenals are also planned. But they have not taken place during the corona pandemic in the past two years.

Source: Krone


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