Part 2 of the Vienna study – “No mosque has identification with Austria”


The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) published part 2 of its study on Viennese mosques on its website without much ado. The results are “slightly improved” compared to the study publicly presented six years ago by Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), the authors determined using an integration scale they developed. But even now none of the mosques have reached “the level of identification” with Austria.

In 2020, recorded Friday sermons in 14 mosques were investigated by historian and Islamism expert Heiko Heinisch, lawyer Imet Mehmedi and migration researcher Zoltan Peter, the “Presse” (online) and the “Upper Austrian Volksblatt” reported.

Her finding: “In none of the mosques surveyed could an emotional connection to Austrian society be observed, nor was there any reference to Austria.”

“More and more people are preaching in German”
However, the authors see a positive trend: more and more sermons are being delivered in German and there is less nationalistic content. The largest and oldest mosque in Vienna, the Islamic Center in Floridsdorf, is seen as a model. The sermons are cosmopolitan and the imam speaks clearly against fanaticism. This is not an isolated case, the study contains other examples of a positive view of the rule of law in Austria.

This time, the mosque study was published on the ÖIF website without any public presentation. According to “Pers”, employees of the responsible minister, Susanne Raab (ÖVP), knew nothing.

Part 1 of the study sparked widespread discussion in October 2017 – after the then Foreign Minister and ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz presented it at a press conference shortly before the National Council elections. The Islamic Faith Community in Austria (IGGÖ) spoke at the time of a “dirty campaign” against Muslims in Austria.

Source: Krone


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