Controversial statements – the cult band Laibach is not allowed to play in Kiev


The planned concert on March 31 in Kiev by the controversial Slovenian band Laibach has been canceled after political discussions. “Although the group expressed support for Ukraine and the Ukrainians and condemned the Russian regime, a significant part of our audience was categorically against the arrival of Ljubljana,” Kyiv’s Bel Etage Music Hall said on Facebook on Sunday.

The legendary industrial band from Ljubljana, which has repeatedly provoked religious and political symbolism, last week announced their planned performance as the first concert by a foreign band in Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, stressing that all proceeds would be donated.

After the first critical comments in Ukraine, Laibach assured that the concert was a statement of support for the country. However, Ljubljana’s repeated description of the current war as a geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the US on Ukrainian soil generated opposition and even threats of beatings in Kiev.

Buzz about ‘proxy war’ sayers
The conflict was a “cynical proxy war for the geostrategic interests of the great powers and finance capital (military industry, etc.)”, the Slovenes had declared in the British “Guardian”. This view reminded Ukrainian Facebook commentators of Russian state propaganda, which in particular portrays the ongoing “military special operation” as confronting NATO and depicts Ukraine itself as a Western puppet.

“The announcement of the concert by the Slovenian band Laibach in connection with their vision of the reasons for our war led to heated disputes in the Facebook community,” the organizers in Kiev justified their move. Apologies were given to those who wanted to see the band perform despite the argument. “This show doesn’t come at the right time”, Bel Floor Music Hall lamented.

Source: Krone


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