At the Steyr Regional Court – trial of “Saubartl” without a shred of remorse


At the Steyr Regional Court – trial of “Saubartl” without a shred of remorse

30 months in prison for a 61-year-old ex-politician for secretly filming and abusing women in the toilet.

Not exactly a womanizer sits on the dock in the jury court in Steyr. What he is accused of is appalling: the 61-year-old single ex-deputy councilor is said to have filmed numerous victims with a hidden camera in a public toilet in Weyregg am Attersee (Upper Austria). The trained electrician said he got the idea from a TV documentary about spy cameras. Without further ado, he had ordered cameras on the Internet to “feel the rush of the forbidden”.

Two victims: ex-politician filmed rape
Even worse, the Traunviertel also abused two women independently at home. The victims don’t remember – they drank, but not enough for a “movie tear”. There was no evidence of knockout drops. However, the perpetrator filmed the abuse – a 22-minute video was found about him.

The verdict is final
The man from the Traunviertel was sentenced to 30 months in prison, ten of which were unconditional. Victim representative Brigitta Braunsberger-Lechner says, “I haven’t heard anything about a contrite confession.” The verdict is about the cameras in the toilet and one of the two victims of assault. The second is suspected to be post-traumatic stress disorder, and an expert report is in order. In the course of a new trial, five to ten years in prison are threatened.

Source: Krone


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