Extinguish 25 weirs – fire at Lake Neusiedl: reed fire rages on


More than 200 firefighters have been on duty in Burgenland since Wednesday afternoon to fight a huge reed fire. The operation lasted all night and is currently continuing. Up to five air traffic police and army firefighting helicopters are supporting the fight against the flames.

As reported, a harvesting machine caught fire around noon on Wednesday and set fire to the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl near Breitenbrunn. Although twelve fire brigades from the region were on site within a very short time, the flames continued to spread. “The constantly changing wind direction was also to blame for this,” says fire service spokesman Günter Prünner. In addition, the field of application is difficult to access. In the afternoon, the extinguishing work was then supported by two helicopters from the air traffic police. More defense was called for.

Settlement of mobile homes in danger
But despite the courageous fight of our Florianis against the flames, the fire ate closer and closer to the mobile home settlement near the seaside resort of Breitenbrunn, so that eventually even troops from Lower Austria had to be called in, as Markus Scharinger, press spokesman for the district fire brigade Neusiedl on the “Krone” – Local inspection described overnight: “There were 22 fire brigades from the Eisenstadt region, Freistadt Rust and the Neusiedl district on site. In addition, the emergency service of the Wiener Neustadt fire brigade and two other fire brigades from Lower Austria.

For a moment, the flames even threatened to engulf the road to the seaside resort. She had to be stopped by the police: “Fortunately, we were able to prevent this scenario.”

In action all night
About 200 firefighters continued to battle the flames throughout the night. Scharinger: “Regular reconnaissance flights were carried out with the drone of Rust’s comrades in order to better assess the situation.” Then Thursday morning the decision: fire helicopter!

Remove armed forces and air traffic police from the sky
Three helicopters from the flight police and two machines from the army (a Black Hawk and an Alouette III) support the comrades on the ground in the fight against the blaze. According to fire service spokesman Günter Prünner, the end of the operation is not yet in sight.

Source: Krone


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