Threat in Women’s Shelters – Reforming Enforcement of Measures: What’s Different Now?


Many things are similar, but there are a few innovations: Institutional recordings have been going a little differently in court lately. The reform was promptly used in the Korneuburg trial. What has changed about the judge, the penalty and even the name?

The admission negotiations were given a new coat of paint on March 1, 2023: the innovations were immediately put into practice in the court of Korneuburg.

Death threats in women’s shelters
A 37-year-old Ukrainian sits calmly and collected before the judge. But she can only maintain this image thanks to medicines. She suffers from a severe psychosis with delusions and attacks of aggression. In a paranoid episode of this disease, the affected employees of the Hollabrunn women’s shelter received death threats.

She wanted to smash an overseer’s head against the wall. She wanted to cut up another one because she gave her the wrong pills. Even the residents of the women’s shelter were terrified of the 37-year-old’s behavior.

Psychiatric expert must stay until sentencing
Psychiatrist Peter Hofmann is sure of a plea for enforcement of measures. “I assume she hasn’t been treated for years,” said the expert. Even when asked if the woman now thinks she has a disease, she replies: “No, I don’t think so.”

Hofmann recommends placement at the request of prosecutors. Since the reform, the appraiser has been on the side of the judge until the bitter end of the trial.

Higher penalty threshold for commitments
The reason for the crime in this case: a dangerous threat with a maximum sentence of three years. In fact, lately just isn’t enough. In case of danger to life and limb, however, one year of imprisonment is sufficient for shelter. But that no longer happens in an institution for mentally deviant offenders, but in a forensic-therapeutic center – as it should be called from now on.

There are also special arrangements for young people. The threshold for admission has been raised. For young people it is only possible for capital crimes, ie crimes punishable by a prison sentence of ten years or more.

Induction for psychotic 37 year olds
In the case of the Ukrainian at the Korneuburg court, the lay judge made a decision after a short consultation. The request for placement by the public prosecutor is granted.

Source: Krone


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