Pussy Riot demands: – ‘Tribunal for terrorist Putin and his regime’


On Sunday, the Putin-critical punk band Pussy Riot gave their only concert in Austria – in St. Johann in Tirol. On Monday, the collective answered questions from 100 students.

The frontwoman of the Russian punk band did not answer the approximately 100 Tyrolean schoolchildren about the suffering and horror of Maria Alyokhina in her captivity: “I don’t want to tell you. Because you remind me too much of my 15-year-old son.” All other questions from the students were answered very openly and sometimes ruthlessly by Alyokhina and band colleague Diana Burkot.

Political Education with Pussy Riot
Where the audience had no doubt the night before that they had witnessed a unique show happening at the Pussy Riot concert, Monday morning there were more than a hundred armchairs for senior students of St. Johann high school. At the initiative of their director, Brigitta Krimbacher, they would experience real and extreme political resistance as part of their political education. Frowning and sad eyes – much to think about – this lesson of a different kind left them with them.

As reported, Pussy Riot gave their only concert in Austria on Sunday night, which sold out to the last seat, as part of their “Anti War – Europe Tour” in St. Johann in Tirol. Frontwoman Alyokhina, Olga Borissova, Burkot and Anton Ponomarev performed at the Alte Tannerei cultural center in their well-known balaclavas, colorful knitted hats that cover their heads. In the 60-minute show, the protest collective resorted to multimedia, hard beats and haunting spoken word stories.

Source: Krone


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