Not legally binding – robbery at gas station in Graz: 11 years in prison


Armed with a knife, a 32-year-old attacked a gas station in Graz and stabbed an employee. The woman is still suffering the consequences of the crime. The previously convicted robber was sentenced on Tuesday to 11 years in prison. The verdict is not final.

“I’m not afraid, but my boss has assured me that I don’t have to work at night anymore and never have to work alone!” – The Hungarian was on sick leave for four weeks and could not move her left leg. “But now I can cycle again,” she says bravely. It only hurts when she’s tired.

It was April 1 when the woman was attacked and stabbed with a kitchen knife at the Socar gas station on the Eggenberger Gurtel in Graz. “I’m so sorry,” the accused robber moaned in court on Tuesday. “That was very, very stupid of me.” Albanians threatened him because of money debts. “They wanted to harm my partner and my stepdaughter.”

“You can believe the threat or not”
Prosecutor Julia Steiner does not want to accept this excuse. “There is no evidence of this anywhere. You can believe this threat now or not. But that doesn’t change what you did to the victim.” The 32-year-old broad-shouldered giant not only stabbed the employee, he knocked her over, causing her serious head injuries.

“They dragged the bleeding victim off the floor and wanted her to open the cash register,” said Judge Angelika Hacker. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” the defendant tries remorsefully. “Then why are you taking a knife with you?” The suspect has no ready-made answer.

The (non-final) verdict: 11 years in prison. He asked for time to think and, before being taken back to prison, briefly thanked the robbery detective present for the good treatment.

Source: Krone


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