Terrible accident – 64-year-old woman was trapped under the bus


A terrible tragedy occurred Monday afternoon in front of a bus stop on Tomitzstrasse in Steyr (Upper Austria). A woman (64) was run over by a bus and became trapped under a tire. The fire service was able to free the seriously injured passerby, she was taken to hospital.

At 15:00 the alarm command for the Steyr fire brigade sounded “trapped person”. The emergency services then moved to Tomitzstraße with two emergency trains. Upon arrival, the firefighters were confronted with the fact that a woman had been run over by a bus in front of a bus stop. At the time, the 64-year-old was still trapped under the right front tire of the vehicle. An emergency medical team was already tending to the seriously injured. Everything was done to stabilize them.

Lifting balloons in action
Fortunately, the firefighters then managed relatively quickly to lift the approximately 8-tonne bus with lift balloons so far that they could be freed. The woman was pinched from the waist down. She was handed over to the Red Cross and transported to the Steyr Clinic. It is still unclear how the accident could have happened, the investigation is still ongoing.

Bystanders wanted to take pictures
During the official act, several spectators had to be urgently and strongly warned by the police officers to leave the scene of the accident and not to take pictures.

Source: Krone


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