Bilbao, in the top 10 of the best major European cities for attracting foreign investment


It has been awarded for its economic strength, business structure and financial capabilities. These recognitions from the prestigious editorial group are a seal of quality for the cities that receive it.

Euskaraz irakurri: Bilbo, inbertsioa erakartzeko Europako tamaina handiko hiri onenen top 10ean, Financial Times in Arabera

Bilbao has been recognized as the 10th best major European city in the lure of foreign direct investment by the magazine fDi intelligencebelonging to the prestigious editorial group Financial times. The villa has been appraised between 370 cities in Europe because of its economic strength, business structure and financial strength, it is now considered a major city.

To date, the magazine had included Bilbao in its annual ranking as a medium-sized city, so placing it as a major city also means “a step forward in the city’s global recognition as an investment city and in its importance in attracting and retaining Talent for the competitiveness of the Villa and social welfare,” said the city council.

In this sense, he stressed that Zorrotzaurre Island is currently as an urban innovation district “the great symbol of continuing to attract talent and foreign investment from Bilbao and the territory”.

In addition, fDi intelligence ranks the Basque Country sixth in the “Top 10 Mid-Sized European Regions of the Future 2023 – Fdi Strategy”. The top three is occupied by Northern Ireland, Tuscany and the Canton of Zurich respectively.

The publication is considered the “most relevant international journal for analyzing the global flows and trends of foreign direct investment”, the council stressed, adding that the Financial Times is “the international leader in economic information and that the its recognition constitutes a mark of quality for the cities that receive it”.

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