Partly due to immigration, multi-person households in Austria increased


The number of multi-person households in Austria will increase by 27,000 by 2022. Statistics Austria reported on Friday that the plus was greater than for single-person households (21,000). One reason could be immigration.

There were 4,067,000 private households in Austria last year. That is 2,521,000 multi-person households and 1,546,000 single-person households, according to the calculations based on the microcensus labor force survey. Representatives from Statistics Austria pointed out that forms of living together are changing. Although many people think of a couple with one or more children when they hear the term ‘household’, only slightly more than a quarter (27 percent) answered this picture last year. Married couples who (again) live together without children simply support this.

Only a few live in shared flats
In non-family households, on the other hand, single-person households clearly dominate with 38 percent of all private households. Multi-person households such as shared flats hardly play a role here with a share of two percent. In general, according to Statistics Austria, multi-person households have grown more than single-person households. This is partly due to immigration. At least one immigrant lived in 31,000 private households last year.

Austria’s population has grown overall in 2022 and now numbers nearly nine million people.

Source: Krone


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