NATO Secretary General: – “It is not too late to win for Ukraine”


NATO Secretary General: – “It is not too late to win for Ukraine”

In view of the promised military aid to Kiev, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that a victory for Ukraine in the war against Russia is still possible. “It is not too late to win for Ukraine,” he said at an awards ceremony in Berlin on Thursday.

“In recent months, NATO allies have not provided the support we promised,” Stoltenberg criticized in a speech on the occasion of the presentation of the Eric M. Warburg Prize in the German capital.

“These delays have consequences. Ukraine was outmaneuvered, allowing Russia to advance on the front lines. Ukraine had no air defenses, allowing more Russian missiles and drones to hit their targets. And Ukraine lacked precision strike capabilities, allowing Russia to do more. ” it is not too late for Ukraine to win, because more support is coming,” Stoltenberg said confidently.

Setbacks due to shortages of ammunition and weapons
Ukraine has recently suffered battlefield setbacks against Russian forces due to a lack of ammunition and weapons. However, according to the AFP news agency, Stoltenberg pointed out that the US Congress had finally passed a bill to provide billions of dollars in support to Ukraine.

“It is our responsibility”
Other countries, including Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, have also made new commitments. “It is now our responsibility to translate these commitments into actual arms and ammunition deliveries – and quickly,” Stoltenberg said.

Source: Krone


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