Completely mad! – Upper Austria: rioters with hammers bit the policeman’s hand


Two extremely aggressive Romanians (33 and 46, from Vienna) behaved during a traffic check and later in a bar in Enns (Upper Austria) in such a way that they were both stopped. While putting on the handcuffs, the younger man bit the hand of an officer. The duo had already made headlines in Vienna by destroying a car repair shop with a hammer.

On Friday there were several operations in Enns with two Romanian men. First, the two men aged 33 and 46 from Vienna were first noticed during an official act in an apartment with their aggressive behavior. After a home investigation was opened against the 33-year-old, he came to the Enns police station after the official act in the apartment. Police officers arrested the 33-year-old driver, who did not have an Austrian driver’s license and could not prove his Romanian driver’s license. Therefore, he was forbidden to continue his journey. The 46-year-old driver meanwhile drove on with the car, which showed very striking driving behavior.

Drug test was positive
When he was stopped, clear symptoms of drug influence could be detected. A quick drug test was positive, the man refused a medical examination – he reports – the car keys and driver’s license were taken away. After midnight there was a dangerous threat in a cafe in Enns. The two men attacked a 46-year-old guest with a hammer and drinking glasses and threatened to kill him. Another man in the bar, aged 48, snatched the hammer from the man’s hand and called the police.

Barricaded in the local entrance
The two Romanians also barricaded the entrance to the restaurant, preventing guests from leaving. In front of the restaurant they destroyed a mailbox and a house number plate. The two were arrested and taken to the police station. In the detention cell, the detainees scratched the walls with their rings and damaged them. On Friday, further investigations were conducted during the day and the two men were questioned about the allegations. Due to the aggressive behavior of the 33-year-old, the officers alerted a patrol from the SIG (Schnelle Interventionsgruppe) to support the transfer to Linz prison. When the fully aggressive arrested man put on his handcuffs, despite wearing gloves, he bit an officer’s hand, injuring him. The two men were taken to Garsten Prison.

“Damish Duo”
The “damic duo” had already made headlines in Vienna.

Source: Krone


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