Girl attacked with pepper spray in parking lot in the middle of the night


Cowardly Sunday night attack in Lienz: An unidentified man marched up to a 15-year-old teenager in a parking lot and shot her a load of pepper spray right in the face. The police are looking for witnesses!

The tear gas attack took place shortly after 2:30 am in front of the Stadtkeller, a nightclub in Lienz. “The 15-year-old resident was attacked by an unknown man with pepper spray in the parking lot,” the police said.

The perpetrator injected the irritating gas directly into the young person’s eyes. “Then he fled,” the detectives continued. The 15-year-old was taken to the Lienz district hospital after first aid on the scene.

Police are hoping for clues
So far there is no trace of the culprit. The suspect is around 25 years old and has a dark beard. He was wearing a white sweater and a blue baseball cap.

Useful information to the Lienz Police Inspectorate on telephone number: 059 133/7230.

Source: Krone


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