British influencer (30) suddenly passed away


British influencer Jehane Thomas is best known to users of the Instagram and Tik Tok platforms. The mother of two had built up quite a following in recent years and mainly entertained her fans with tips and videos about raising children, housekeeping and co. But Jehane has been getting worse lately, according to hospital admissions. Now the influencer has passed away – family, friends and fans are shocked.

“Although she had been suffering from migraines and flare-ups for several months, her death was totally unexpected and we are all heartbroken,” one of her closest friends told The Sun. Jehane herself shared two photos last week of herself lying in bed with her sons. She looks exhausted, but smiles bravely at the camera.

“I can’t go on like this”
“It has been a very tough week, not only physically but also mentally. I missed them both so much and I feel like they both grew so much while I was gone,” Jehane said of one of the shots. And: “I can’t go on like this (…) I may not heal, but I won’t give up.” She had been suffering from unexplained headaches and migraines for a long time.

Her penultimate message read: “I am currently waiting for a bloodstain to relieve the pressure in my head and was surprised with a visit from my boys who gave me the energy boost I needed to get through another day.”

She then wrote: “Thanks for everyone’s messages and support, but this is a sign that we never give up on being seen. It’s been a long time coming for me to get here, but hopefully I can live a pain-free life soon.” Unfortunately, her wish did not come true, and her sons and family are heartbroken.

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