“Traces of War” – travel agencies advertise vacations in Ukraine


What seems macabre is no joke. A few tourism companies offer vacations in war-torn Ukraine, from Kiev to Kherson. Access is possible by train and bus. Those who want can walk the “war tracks”. “War risk insurance” and body armor are recommended.

Honestly, could you reconcile this “holiday” with your conscience? Despite the Russian invasion, occupation of large areas, rocket attacks, martial law, curfew and thousands of casualties, resourceful travel agencies advertise vacations in Ukraine.

The country’s borders are largely open. Entry for foreigners is possible through Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary or Romania.

For example, buses run from Frankfurt or Berlin to Kiev, trains from Warsaw – and they have done so almost continuously since the beginning of the war. Tourist tours are also offered. Flying alone is no longer possible, reports the news channel ntv. According to the UN Human Rights Office, 8,000 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the invasion.

App recommended that informs about air alerts
The information for foreigners on the homepage “visitukraine.today” is anything but ordinary. In addition to the “best winter excursions in Ukraine” and city tours, part of the site explains how foreigners can join the International Legion to fight for the country, according to ntv. An app that notifies airborne alerts is recommended. Body armor, “war risk insurance” and hotels with power generators are also recommended.

Screenshots from the holiday provider:

“Well-developed tourist infrastructure” available
Particularly in Western Ukraine, there is a “well-developed tourist infrastructure”. A demonstration by the inhabitants of war-torn regions should be avoided. “All proceeds from the sale of the tours will benefit Ukrainian refugees,” says “visitukraine.today”. Hotels can even be booked cheaply in the capital Kiev or in the newly liberated Kherson. By 2022, more than two million foreigners are said to have crossed the border into Ukraine.

The state does not support these holiday offers. It is said that advertising of tourist offers in the country should wait until after the end of the war and after reconstruction.

Source: Krone


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