67-year-old assaulted – “Get out of here!” – Then the motorist struck


Such an incident has rarely happened in Tyrol. When a resident (67) in Kirchberg asked a motorist standing in his car in a bus stop area and was calling to leave the bus stop, he attacked the 67-year-old with his fists and feet.

The local resident was at a bus stop around 11.15 am on Sunday and saw a motorist calling near the bus stop. He then asked the stranger to continue. But then he went crazy.

punches in the face
According to police, the previously unknown driver got out of the vehicle, assaulted the 67-year-old with punches and kicks, then drove off.

The consequences for those attacked were serious: the 67-year-old lost a front tooth in the attack and the man also suffered a crack in his lip.

Southern guy
The police are now looking for witnesses: The criminal drove a red car with a notchback, it was a southern type, between 170 and 180 cm tall. Explanation at the PI in Kirchberg (tel.: 059133/7205).

Source: Krone


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