OGH overturned the verdict – baby died of thirst in agony: grandma in court again


Not getting enough to drink, a baby died in Graz shortly after birth. A year ago, his mother and grandmother were sentenced to suspended prison terms for grossly negligent manslaughter. Now the Supreme Court overturned the verdict against the grandmother.

When he died, he was only 27 days old – and weighed half a kilo less than when he was born. According to the court in Graz, his mother and grandmother were responsible for the boy’s fatal fate. They let the baby die of thirst.

The bad condition must have developed over several days. “It should have been noticed,” the judge stressed. In February 2022, the women in Graz were sentenced to nine and seven months in prison. The accused father was acquitted.

guilt remains
While the child’s mother tearfully accepted the verdict, the grandmother appealed. However, the appeal was not allowed, she remains guilty. However, the Supreme Court saw a reasoning error in the judgment. Now it needs to be renegotiated. However, because she feels unable to stand trial, the verdict will be pronounced in absentia on Friday.

Source: Krone


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