Basque government approves eight transformative projects for “a more sustainable Euskadi in 2030”


The V Basque Environmental Framework Program 2030 represents the compass of the environmental policy of the Basque government until the end of the decade.

Euskaraz irakurri: Eusko Jaurlaritzak zortzi proiektu eraldatzaile onartu ditu “2030erako Euskadi jasangarriago bat lortzeko”

Following the approval of the V Environmental Framework Program of the Basque Country 2030 in the Board of Directors, the Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, Arantxa Tapiapresented the eight transformative projects that are part of this new framework that will lead Euskadi’s environmental policy until the end of the decade and that will set the course towards a more sustainable area by 2030.

Between the eight transformative projects Defined are promoting a purchasing center for sustainable products and services, promoting sustainable cohesion of the territory, setting up a health and environment observatory, promoting circularity in value chains, helping SMEs to transition to sustainability, encouraging social innovation in the service of sustainability, empowering citizens in sustainable consumption, and promoting sustainable finance.

To implement these transformative projects, a Technical Secretariat of the PMA 2030 will be established, which will act as an open channel between the coordinating agents of the projects to promote interaction and collaboration between them.

On the other hand, two participation forums will guarantee the involvement of the different social and sectoral actors. On the one hand, the Sustainability Forum will be held annually, consisting of agents who have contributed to the preparation of the PMA 2030, and on the other hand, there will be a Citizen Participation Forum aimed at Basque society.

According to the Basque government, this fifth Basque environmental framework program 2030 will enable it to move further towards a fair and sustainable development model through the Basque Green Pact and in accordance with the European Green Deal.

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Source: EITB


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