An 11-minute video shows US officers kneeling in front of victims


After 28-year-old Irvo Otieno died due to US police officers kneeling on him for minutes, memories of the George Floyd case were awakened. Surveillance video has now been released showing the dramatic incident. The group of police officers held the handcuffed man to the ground until he could no longer breathe.

Otieno fought back when he was admitted to a psychiatric facility in Henrico, Virginia, on March 6. The police were called, the officers fixed the man on the ground by kneeling on him: a total of eleven minutes. As can be clearly seen on the surveillance video, the hospital staff allowed without intervening during the incident.

Only when the 28-year-old is unconscious and unresponsive does a paramedic rush to resuscitate him – but unfortunately without success. An autopsy later revealed that the Kenyan was suffocating.

Police officers and hospital staff have filed a report
Seven police officers and three hospital workers were eventually charged with manslaughter. Prosecutor Ann Cabell Baskervill suspects that Otieno has been crushed under the weight of the officers.

Victim’s mother: ‘They set a trap for him’
The mother of the dead, Caroline Ouko, made serious accusations against the police and the hospital: “All my son’s systems failed,” she said on Monday. His family believes that Otieno has been without medication for three days. “They set him up,” Ouko said. The fatal victim lived with his mother for admission until he started having problems again three days before the incident. He went on a rampage in a neighbor’s yard, turned off the lights and knocked on the door. The garden owner thought it was a burglar and alerted the police.

Police officers said Otieno behaved “aggressively” during his briefing, which is why he was stopped. A court will now consider whether this was really the case – also with the help of the video from the surveillance camera, which was published by various American media.

Source: Krone


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