76% of lawyers agree with the Justice Department’s proposal to end the strike indefinitely


The final decision on the strike they have been waging since February 24 will be made this Tuesday during a meeting with the ministry.

Euskaraz irakurri: Letraduen % 76k Justizia Ministerioaren present an onartu dute, greba mugagabeari amaiera emateko

He 76% of Lawyers of the Judiciary (LAJ) who took part in this Monday’s vote voted in favour at tomorrow’s meeting with the Ministry, accept the proposal put forward by Pilar Llop’s teamwhich would end the strike they are holding out since last January 24 looking for salary improvements that offset the workload of recent years.

As announced last Friday, meetings have been held throughout the Spanish state this Monday, during which “detailed reports” of the ministry’s proposal have been given to the LAJ. The National College has expressed its “satisfaction with the development, without incident, of this voting day“.

The strike committee is expected to sit down with the judiciary tomorrow accept the proposal made to them. Tomorrow will be the fourth meeting since negotiations resumed on March 17 after the break that took place at the end of February due to a series of meetings that the lawyers described as “failed”.

The agreement seems to come after plus two months’ strike in which, according to data from the convening associations, some 356,000 lawsuits and hearings have been suspended, some 424,000 lawsuits have been stopped and up to 1,280 million euros have remained in consignment accounts.

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Source: EITB


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