Higher wages demanded – AUA cancels more than a hundred flights on Tuesday


There will be numerous canceled flights on Tuesday as Austrian Airlines (AUA) staff gather. The start is at 9 a.m., the vida union left the end open on Monday. Passengers are asked to check flight status on the website.

AUA representatives emphasized that the flight plan had to be adjusted because of the work meeting. “The company is doing everything it can to keep the impact as low as possible,” said a spokeswoman. The airline canceled more than 100 flights on Monday and asked passengers to check its website for the latest status.

The collective labor agreement needs to be improved
The meeting starts at 9.00 am, the end is free for the time being. The duration depends on the information needs of the personnel, according to a spokeswoman for the vida union: “We have an information obligation and will therefore inform the colleagues of the flight crew as best as possible about the current status of the KV talks. “The background of the conflict is the high inflation and the last good result of the AUA. Although the board of directors and the employee representative agreed on a new collective agreement in October, it is now pushing for improvements.

WKO: “reasonable offer”
Ten negotiations have so far failed. The AUA offers its employees an average of 12.3 percent more salary. That would be the highest degree in Austria, said Günther Ofner, who represents the aviation profession in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. He therefore has little understanding for the “not exactly constructive approach” of the union. “The Austrians deserve a relaxed start to the Easter holidays. No one in the country will understand why vida and the works council are blocking such a fair bid,” Ofner said in a broadcast.

On Monday, the major strike in Germany led to massive disruptions to rail and air traffic in Austria. There, the unions are demanding 10.5 to 12 percent more wages.

Source: Krone


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