Pedro Azpiazu believes the Zedarriak forum has prepared a “party report” and sees the business world behind


The economy and finance minister of the Basque government has defended not raising wages above inflation and compensating in the future “those who are making an effort now”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Zedarriak foroak alde baten txostena egin duela you du Pedro Azpiazuk eta enpresa mundua ikusten du atzean

In the opinion of the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Basque Government, Pedro Azpiazú, the Zedarriak forum has prepared a “party report” and sees the business world behind it. In an interview awarded to Euskadi Irratia’s “Faktoria” program, it was shown that against raising wages in line with inflation but has argued for compensation in the future “to those who exert themselves now”.

According to Pedro Azpiazu, the Zedarriak Foruman initiative that emerged from a group of people from Basque society and business, prepared the report from his point of view and taking into account your interests, unwilling to cooperate or debate with the government. Looking to the future, Azpiazu hopes that in the future a debate can be opened in these cases to “really improve things”.

Pedro Azpiazu believes that the bill for inflation must be paid “together” In his opinion, the solution is not to raise wages based on the CPI and he has warned that if that were the case, inflation would rise even more and the problem would be worse. However, he has defended to compensate for the effort put in now. A commitment that he would like to translate into a broad agreement between employers, trade unions and institutions.

According to Azpiazu, the agreement between Spain and Portugal with the European Union to limit the price of gas will be effective. In a context where inflation is at 10%, the finance minister confirms that much of inflation is due to the price of energy, so he hopes this pact will be reflected in a price cut. In that sense, he foresees that prices will fall in the second half of this year.

Source: EITB


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