Warnings too late – murder spree: fellow player received “farewell message”


Warnings too late – murder spree: fellow player received “farewell message”

In the course of the investigation into the murder of a Christian elementary school in Nashville, an incredibly tragic detail has become known. The 28-year-old perpetrator, former college graduate Audrey Hale, had sent a “goodbye message” via Instagram to a former basketball teammate minutes before her crime. In it, Hale announced, “Something bad is about to happen.” The girlfriend will be able to read about it “after I die”. The shocked young woman then contacted both the police and a suicide prevention agency. But it was already too late!

According to news channel CNN, Averianna Patton received the message from the former teammate on Monday at 9:57 am. The Nashville Police Department received the first 911 calls less than 20 minutes later. By this time, Hale was already in elementary school—with two assault rifles and a handgun—and shot and killed three children and three school staff. Arriving police officers found Hale on the first floor and quickly shot him.

“One Day It Will All Make Sense”
Meanwhile, Patton tried to alert the authorities. But valuable minutes passed first of all in the waiting loop. When the ex-player broke through, she was promised that a police officer would be sent. But that only turned out in the afternoon, the woman told local broadcaster WTVF. “One day it will all make sense. I left more than enough evidence,” says the dead gunman’s Instagram post to the girlfriend.

The shooter identifies himself as a transgender man. Transgender people are people who do not – or do not only – identify themselves with the gender that was determined at birth. Everything else about the personal history and whether there is any connection to the crime is still unknown. “There is currently a theory that we may be able to talk about later, but it has not been confirmed,” Police Commissioner John Drake said at a news conference Monday evening. According to police, the woman had legally obtained her weapons, two assault rifles and a handgun.

Students hid in the box during the act
According to its own website, the Christian school teaches children from first to sixth grade. There is also a kindergarten there. According to the local newspaper The Tennessean, about 200 children go there. A mother told American television that her daughter had written to her that she and her classmates had been hiding in the closet during the incident. Nashville is the capital of the US state of Tennessee – it is home to almost 700,000 people.

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