Comrade in custody – umbrella attack: this is how wounded soldiers do it


After the bloody umbrella attack on a soldier in Enns, the prosecutor’s office is still waiting for the injured man’s testimony. The “Krone” now learned from the hospital how the 33-year-old is currently doing and from the public prosecutor’s office how far the investigation is.

A drunken evening among comrades ended on February 24 in Enns with a 33-year-old soldier from Mistelbach seriously injured. A 20-year-old colleague from Mattighofen is said to have stabbed his “competitor” in the eye with an umbrella, pushing the eye socket to the injured man’s brain.

“Good under circumstances”
The victim was in artificial deep sleep for a long time with serious injuries in the intensive care unit of the accident hospital in Linz. From there, however, there was positive news on Tuesday when “Krone” asked: “The patient is expected to leave the UKH Linz today of his own accord. He is doing well given the circumstances. A stay in a rehabilitation center of the AUVA is planned for further recovery .”

Awaiting police report
For legal reasons, there was no information about the exact nature of the injuries, but it is likely that they are brain injuries. It may not have been possible to question the victim.

“We are still waiting for the final report from the police,” confirms Andreas Pechatschek of the Steyr public prosecutor’s office. The alleged perpetrator – he just wants to have thrown the umbrella in the direction of the victim – is still in custody.

The army is also waiting for the results of the police and the prosecutor’s office. The disciplinary proceedings are only concluded after a final conviction.

Source: Krone


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