After raid in Kiev – head of cave monastery now under house arrest


The dispute over the world-famous cave monastery in Kiev continues to escalate. After a raid, the head of the monastery is now under house arrest for two months. The cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is suspected of fueling religious disputes and justifying Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Ukrainian media reported from the courtroom.

Metropolitan Pavlo, 61, denies the allegations and speaks of a political process. The background to this are disputes about the use of the cave monastery and the position of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the country in general. Until the beginning of the war, the Church was subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate. Although she broke away from the patriarchy after the start of the conflict, she is still suspected of espionage and agitation for Moscow by the political leadership in Kiev. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, independent from Moscow, was founded in Kiev in 2018. In this context, the state has now withdrawn the right to use the cave monastery from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. But the monks who live there refuse to move. A lawsuit is pending.

Dozens of believers protested in front of the monastery in front of the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Saturday. Those present, including clergy, waved religious symbols and prayed in front of the Lavra Pechersk Monastery. A small group of pro-Ukrainian activists opposed the worshipers’ protest on Saturday. They waved flags in the national colors of blue and yellow.

Priests risk up to five years in prison
In a video circulated by Ukrainian media, Pavlo stated: “I got it, I say and I will say it: I condemn all attacks against our state, and what Russia and (President Vladimir) Putin have done is unjustifiable. ” search in the monastery. The high priest faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Source: Krone


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