Active population screening in the CAV and Navarra. April 28, 2022


Unemployment rose 2.99% in the CAV in the first quarter and the unemployment rate stood at 8.69%. In Navarre, employment grew by 0.32%, the second largest increase in the whole autonomy.

Euskaraz irakurri: 3,800 lagoonk lana galdu dute EAEn lehen hiruhilekoan eta 900 Nafarrek topatu dute enplegua

The first trimester of 2022 have been destroyed in the BAC 3,800 jobs, 0.39% compared to the previous three months, bringing the workforce to 953,200 people. In the same period last year, the number of employed people increased by 51,900, 5.75%.

According to the Active Population Survey published this Thursday, Unemployment up by 2,600 people (2.99%) up to 90,800, which means the unemployment rate at 8.69%25 hundredths more than at the end of 2021, although it remains the lowest in Spain.

In navarre, the situation is very different, employment has grown in the Foral community in the first quarter of the year a 0.32%the second largest increase in relative terms of the autonomous communities as a whole, after the Valencian Community (1.89%).

According to the latest data, Navarra has a Working people of 288,800 people, 900 more than in the last quarter of 2021and 33,600 people unemployed.

Throughout Spain, therein first trimester Since 2022, employment has grown in only five communities and the city of Ceuta, while it has fallen in twelve and Melilla, with an average decline in the state as a whole of -0.50%.

The labor market lost 100,200 people in work in the first quarter of the year, bringing the total to 20,084,700, while unemployment rose by 70,900 to 3,174,700 unemployed in a period that is generally bad for the economy. employment opportunities.

In annual installments the EPA indicates that employment has grown in all Autonomous Communities in the past year, 5.75% in the CAV and 4.01% in Navarra. The state average for employment growth is 4.57%.

Source: EITB


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