“Stupid Prime Minister” – Medvedev threatens: “Poland will disappear”


Former Russian president and friend of Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, has again caused a stir with a crude statement.

He once gave the West hope that Russia and Europe would become ever closer. Even liberal reforms were considered possible in the world’s largest country by area. There probably isn’t much left of it. Since the beginning of the Russian offensive war in Ukraine, Medvedev has made a number of martial statements about Ukraine and the West.

No trace of diplomacy – he called American politicians “freaks” and “assholes”, the Ukrainian elite for him consists of “pigs”. He likes to accuse Western politicians of using the tricks of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. This time he targeted Poland and the country’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki.

Medvedev tries his hand at languages
The Russian politician tweeted in English and even in Polish with the aim of spreading the message as far as possible. “A fool named Mateusz Morawiecki said that Ukraine has the right to attack Russia and that he is not worried about a NATO war against Russia because Russia will soon lose it,” the tenor said.

He stressed: “I don’t know who will win or lose such a war, but given Poland’s role as a NATO outpost in Europe, this country will surely disappear – along with its stupid prime minister.”

Ukraine must also “disappear”
Recently, Putin’s lapdog tweeted absurd fantasies about why Ukraine should be doomed. He described the Ukrainians as “blood-sucking parasites” suckling at the EU’s “decrepit, arthritis-ridden neck”. Medvedev was convinced that Ukraine would disappear.

According to him, you shouldn’t take the US seriously either, because Americans couldn’t even find Ukraine on a map. And Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine either. The country is a ‘Little Russia’, a ‘worn, torn, rumpled and greasy patchwork’ of artificially tailored territories. For him, the much more attractive alternative is a Russian empire: “We don’t need Lower Ukraine. We need the great, towering Russia.”

“Bombs on Berlin”
At the end of March, Medvedev caused a stir with a bomb threat to Berlin. The reasoning was that any attempt by a country to arrest President Vladimir Putin based on an ICC arrest warrant would be regarded by Russia as a declaration of war. In that case, Moscow would fire missiles at the Bundestag and the Chancellery.

American politicians as “moral freaks”
In February, the former head of the Kremlin was snubbed over the West’s arms shipments to Kiev. In his usual anti-diplomatic manner, he said, “All of Ukraine that remains under Kiev’s rule will catch fire,” while calling American politicians “morality freaks.”

Whether these statements are the result of exaggerated arrogance? For Medvedev had shown conviction in the summer: “The idea of ​​punishing a country that has the largest nuclear arsenal is absurd in itself.” And with that, “a threat to the survival of humanity” could potentially arise.

Source: Krone


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