Mood barometer – Two out of three Austrians per conscription


According to a recent survey by the Gallup Institute, two out of three Austrians support conscription. According to this report, 65 percent of those surveyed are in favor of maintaining current regulations, 27 percent are in favor of abolishing them, and eight percent have not made a decision.

As for the recently introduced voluntary military service for women, 84 percent are sympathetic. However, the majority of respondents are skeptical about conscription for women: 62 percent are against, compared to 31 percent who are open to it.

There is also a significant difference between women and men in this area. While men support conscription for both sexes at 44 percent, this share is only 19 percent for women. Three-quarters of women strongly oppose it.

The population insists on neutrality
Neutrality remains undiscussable for the population. When it comes to whether it is better for Austrian security to remain neutral or to join NATO, 77 percent are in favor of maintaining neutrality. That is about the same as when the Russian attack on Ukraine began (78 percent) and slightly more than in May last year (71 percent).

According to the Gallup mood barometer, which surveyed 1,000 people, a small 17 percent think NATO membership is more appropriate, and 6 percent have no opinion. On the other hand, the population is less united about whether or not Austria should cooperate more closely with NATO. While 39 percent would prefer this, 44 percent are against.

The majority of the opinion that Austria cannot defend itself against attacks
Half of the population is in favor of increasing defense spending, about a third is against and just under a fifth is unsure about this issue. Slightly less than a fifth of the respondents believe that Austria is sufficiently armed against military attacks from abroad. Three-quarters think this is not the case.

Source: Krone


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