“Will liberate Crimea” – Crimean Tatars: attack on Russian posts


In addition to the recent advance of the Ukrainian army on the Dnieper River in the partially liberated region of Kherson, Russian forces also appear to be under pressure from guerrilla activity. A group of Crimean Tatars announced a “successful operation” against a Russian checkpoint in the town of Oleshky on Tuesday.

The guerrilla group Atesch, founded last fall, reported on its Telegram channel that it had been blown up. The operation was carried out on Monday evening, police said. A Russian National Guard unit on patrol was killed. The information has not yet been independently verified. The Russian side did not comment on the “operation”.

Atesch announced “further operations” on Twitter. There is also said to be a cell in Siberia by now.

Resistance fighters with information from the population
Atesh is made up of Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians and Russian citizens who have set themselves the goal of expelling the Russian occupiers from the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. A few hours before the attack, the resistance fighters wrote on Telegram: “WTogether we will surely rid Crimea of ​​the villain!” At the same time, thanks were also due to the civilian population, who provided important information about the movements of the occupiers.

In recent months, Atesch members have repeatedly celebrated further acts of sabotage against the occupiers. In March, the blowing up of an important railway line would have been their responsibility.

Source: Krone


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