Two new arrests – What we know so far about the machete murder


After the robbery and mutilation of a drug dealer in the Jägerstrasse metro station in Brigittenau two weeks ago, many questions about the motive and perpetrators remain unanswered. The search for the suspects continues at full speed. It is suspected that the killers could have a radical Islamic sharia background. In addition, two other people who belong to the drug scene were arrested on Tuesday. The “crown” has all known details.

For two weeks now, the terrible bloody crime in the Jägerstrasse subway station has been causing fear and horror in the Viennese district of Brigittenau. The victim was brutally attacked with a machete – among other things, a forearm and lower leg were nearly chopped off. The 24-year-old man bled to death. According to the police, the background of the brutal act may be related to the drug scene, which is also apparent from the victim’s relevant criminal record.

Two arrests after house search
The apartment where the young victim last stayed was finally located by the police on Tuesday. 450 grams of marijuana and almost 1.2 kilograms of cannabis resin were found on the premises and seized in pieces. There were also two people in the apartment. The two are a 29-year-old Algerian and a 34-year-old Libyan. The men were arrested. At the moment, however, the men are not seen as perpetrators, but as witnesses in the murder case.

Radical Islamic background not confirmed
In addition, it was assumed that the alleged perpetrators could have a radical Islamic sharia background. That cannot yet be assumed with certainty, although the police are locating the perpetrators in North Africa. Death sentences, with extreme physical violence and brutality, are certainly possible in organized crime, but also in the case of non-Muslim groups.

Little or no danger to the population
The police assume that the perpetrator group left the country for France or North Africa immediately after the crime. An arrest can therefore be difficult, but not impossible. But since the police assume that the drug scene involves a crime – possibly between rival gangs or within an organized gang as a form of punishment – there is little or no danger to the public. These gangs have no advantage in threatening, disturbing or even physically attacking the population.

Source: Krone


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