Difficult recovery – excavator sank in tar pit during construction work


The city fire brigade of Mürzzuschlag in Styria was alerted to an unusual operation on Monday afternoon. An excavator sank in a tar pit.

The excavator was busy digging on the site of the former Billa. When the driver noticed the adjacent tar pit, it was already too late and the excavator got stuck. At 1:45 p.m., the FF Mürzzuschlag arrived on the scene with two vehicles, complete with powerful cable winches.

The operation ended after about seven hours
The excavator was immediately secured against further sinking and it soon became clear that salvaging the excavator would be difficult. Thanks to the good interaction of the Felbermayr crane vehicle and the two cable winches from FF Mürzzuschlag, it was possible to free the excavator from its predicament. After more than 7 (!) hours, the mission was successfully completed.

Source: Krone


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