Green invite – reading drag queens is also causing a stir in Graz


The Graz Greens invite two drag performers to their party house. ÖVP and FPÖ pinpoint “provocation” and “madness”.

Such events in trendy bars in Vienna had already led to violent protests, counter-demonstrations and a major police operation. Now a controversial “children’s book reading” is also invited to Graz: on May 21, the transvestites Gloria Hole and Candy Licious will come to the capital to read books to children and, as they emphasize, “tolerance” and “diversity”. .

The fact that the Greens invited the two travesty artists, who appear in wigs and gaudy costumes, to their party building on Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai caused great political commotion in advance.

Anna Hopper, city councilor of the Graz People’s Party, considers drag queens to be socially accepted – but that especially children are confronted with the gender issue in an offensive way is the wrong way: “By reading this children’s book, Deputy Mayor Judith Schwentner and the Greens want deliberately provoke and propagate their left-wing agenda.” Psychologists would also “view such actions critically,” argues Anna Hopper.

“Left-Left Gender Ideology”
No less harsh criticism of “such green madness” comes from the Freedom Party: “Dedicating children to left-left gender ideology has no place in Graz,” says Stefan Hermann, a member of the state parliament. Political trench warfare should not be waged on the backs of the youngest, said the politician, who called for the lecture to be cancelled.

Source: Krone


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