Feldkirch trial – Ex abused: ten months in prison for violent criminals


A multi-convicted violent criminal from Vorarlberg is again behind bars for ten months. Reason: The unemployed had severely abused his ex several times.

“In times of emancipation I refuse to automatically portray a woman as a victim. Because I can’t imagine that the social workers in a residential care center don’t notice when someone is beaten, kicked and dragged through the apartment,” defender Martin Rützler rages and demands acquittal for his client.

The prosecutor sees it differently. Unlike the suspect, who in their eyes played down the incidents, the detailed descriptions of the 39-year-old victim sounded credible. “One time he threw beer on me and then hit me in the face with the bottle.” She was constantly humiliated and suffocated by the abusive boyfriend.

“In another incident, there was a dispute over the cell phone. Then he punched me in the face and hit me all over the apartment,” the early retiree said in the conflicting hearing.

The defendant had nothing to do with the restraining order
She didn’t go to the police because she was afraid of him. That was also the reason why she kept moving in with him. When she finally manages to jump off, the ex pursues the former drug addict and even breaks the ban four times. Judge Julian Fettner found the 42-year-old man guilty – ten months in prison.

Source: Krone


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