Saleswoman responded – Several perfume thief arrested after chase


When a 35-year-old Romanian activated the anti-theft device when leaving a drugstore in Carinthia, he fled. But the saleswoman wouldn’t let him escape and gave chase…

The 38-year-old wanted to smuggle 35 expensive perfumes from the Pörtschach store on Thursday around 5:30 p.m. in a cooler bag that he had taken with him when the alarm went off and the saleswoman noticed the thief. The thief was startled and fled.

The saleswoman also reacted quickly, gave chase and came across a police patrol nearby who asked her for help. “After signaling the facts, the officers gave chase to the fugitive and were able to quickly catch up with him,” the police said.

When the Romanian noticed the officers, he threw away the cooler bag with the stolen perfumes worth about 2,700 euros and tried to escape – without success. “After a short time he was caught and arrested,” said an official.

Already sold in three states
What the officials didn’t know at the time: the 38-year-old had also struck in Tyrol and Salzburg! “Six other perfume thefts in three states from May 17 to May 23 were proven against the accused,” it says. The police estimate the total damage at more than 17,000 euros, the Romanian has been transferred to the prison of Klagenfurt.

Source: Krone


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