The Housing Act entered into force on 26 May 2023, before the 28 millionth elections


Among other things, the standard limits rents (3% in 2024) and identifies stress areas. Tax incentives for landlords will not take effect until January 1, 2024.

The Law on the right to housingwhich will, among other things, limit the rent, will enter into force today, Friday, after its publication yesterday in the Staatsblad (BOE), which will make it applicable before next Sunday’s municipal and regional elections.

However, it remains for the next January 1, 2024 regarding the tax incentives that will be applied in the IRPF to the rental of real estate for housing.

The regulation, the negotiations of which were unblocked at the gates of the next elections and after three years of contacts, was finally approved on May 17 in the Senate with the votes for the two factions of the coalition government and ERC and EH Bildu, in addition to other left-wing factions that support the executive and the vote against, among others, the PNV. A month earlier I had received the text message green light from Congress of the deputies.

However, it was not until this Thursday that the standard was published in the BOE.

(We are working to expand the information)

Source: EITB


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