“Surprisingly intimate” – the man rode in the chancellor’s convoy and hugged Scholz


A man in Germany seized the opportunity that presented itself to him and joined the motorcade of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. At the convoy’s destination, Frankfurt Airport, he ran up to the SPD politician and “surprisingly” hugged him, as the chancellor’s office said. A curious incident that raises questions about Scholz’s personal protection.

Before the security breach, Scholz had attended the European Central Bank’s 25th anniversary celebrations. He left the event with Treasury Secretary Christian Lindner and boarded an armored limousine, which was secured by police officers in patrol cars and on motorcycles. The 48-year-old, who according to the newspaper “Bild” would have a Greek surname, finally got behind the last patrol car in his private car and was not bothered by the bodyguards.

With the unwanted appendage, the column finally reached the airfield. Although the license plate of the private vehicle is not pre-registered, the driver – at the direction of the bodyguards – is allowed through the security barrier, “Bild” writes. The convoy eventually continued to the government aircraft Airbus.

When Scholz got out of the car to thank the police and take a souvenir photo, the 48-year-old stormed out of his car towards the chancellor, shook his hand and pressed him to his chest. Only when he releases the politician should the bodyguards recognize the dangerous situation.

Chancellery: “Surprisingly warm embrace”
The man was eventually arrested, but did not resist. The Chancellery explained: “For Olaf Scholz, it was not a major incident in the specific situation, but a surprisingly warm hug. In retrospect, it becomes clear what could have happened there.”

Source: Krone


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