Attentive heroes – young firefighters put out the fire in their own depot


Attentive heroes – young firefighters put out the fire in their own depot

A handsome quartet of boys from the Rufling fire brigade noticed a dangerous fire in the hotline after an exercise and immediately raised the alarm. Fortunately, this prevented the fire from spreading to the entire building.

It was Thursday night after weekly youth class at FF Rufling’s firehouse. While most of the young firefighters were already on their way home, Amato, Florian, Finn and Adrian got a drink. As they walked through the equipment hall, they suddenly saw a suspicious flash of light in the corner of their eyes. “It was immediately clear to them that it had to be a fire,” says youth worker Katharina Sauer (24).

Big praise
The four boys between the ages of twelve and fourteen reacted immediately and informed Sauer and her deputy Gerald Schopf, who were still in the control room at the time. “They did a great job, they weren’t panicked or scared,” praises the supervisor. Flames had broken out on the ceiling of the vehicle hall near a neon tube under which vehicles were parked. One of the young firefighters was immediately given a fire extinguisher, with which Schopf was able to contain the fire.

Prevent major damage
At the same time, Sauer made sure the boys left the room to prevent them from inhaling fumes. “It was only thanks to their quick reaction and careful approach that major damage could be prevented,” Sauer says proudly of her boys: “The commander will also appreciate that in a special way.”

“Krone” comment by Jürgen Pachner: Volunteers are rarely perpetrators
Unfortunately, in recent months in the Krone we have had too many reports of children and young people stealing cars, committing robberies, damaging property and using physical violence.
The suffering and financial damage caused is enormous.

Boredom and the search for a “kick” were cited as motives in many interrogations. Problems that are probably foreign to the four boys of the young fire brigade in Rufling. She fills her free time with competitions, exercises and working together. Because those who work for the general public rarely feel like harming others.

Source: Krone


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