Hiker rescued – ‘I asked for help too late’


A German holidaymaker was well prepared, but still missed the correct descent of the Drachenwand. Then her cell phone battery was low. She describes her rescue in the “Krone” interview.

“I did something stupid.” The German vacationer who wandered around the Drachenwand in Mondsee for ten hours was remorseful in the “Krone” conversation. Her big mistake: “I asked for help too late.”

The 34-year-old had prepared well for her walk. She searched the Internet in advance for a suitable descent. The problem: there were two identical descent points, the holidaymaker missed the correct one. “I kept looking for a route with my mobile, but the battery was getting weaker. Then I lost my way and got out of breath.” In this moment of desperation, the German called the mountain rescue service. “I just asked for directions, I wasn’t hurt.”

But because the battery was already dead, her cell phone soon broke down. It was no longer possible to communicate with the rescuers. Finally, the German met another hiker and descended with her. Two mountain rescuers met them on their way back. “They gave me water, which I could really use. Then we went down together. When you have the goal in mind, your strength returns.”

The 34-year-old advises hikers who find themselves in an emergency on the mountain: “Don’t be too proud! Don’t be ashamed, you better call for help in time.”

Source: Krone


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